You can exchange any coin supported, by following these simple steps.


  1. Go on the landing page and select the coin you want to exchange from (the one you currently own) on the left and the coin you want to buy (the one you want to receive in each for the one you own) on the right and click the ‘Exchange now’ button.


  1. You are then given a chance to double-check the amount specified and the amount you’re set to get. Once confirmed, click the ‘Next’ button.


  1. Specify the recipient’s wallet address.


  1. For extra security, you are given another chance to triple check everything carefully. Kindly note: The final amount is estimated, so it may be slightly more or less at the end of the transaction if you’ve chosen to go for a floating rate, if you’ve chosen to go for a fixed rate, at a specific charge, then you will receive an accurate final amount if you exchange within the specified set time period. 


  1. Before confirming, make sure the amount to be sent is enough to cover the network fees. If everything looks good, proceed to the next step by clicking ‘Next’. 


  1. Your transaction is then authorized. You will receive a QR code and a wallet address below within the page. This is the address to which you will send Changelly the currency you want to exchange.


  1. Go to the wallet where you’re storing the currency you want to exchange and paste this address into the corresponding field. If you use a mobile wallet app, you can just scan the QR code we provide. As soon as we receive your money, we’ll exchange it and send it to the recipient address you provided in step 3.


  1. Wait until your transaction passes all three steps. 


  1. Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a receipt with an output transaction hash. This hash is proof that your transaction is finished. You can see the status of your transaction in your transaction history.